Private Client Wealth Management

PRS specializes in working with accredited investors (those with net worths above $1 million) with Private Client Wealth Management Services that set the standard in the industry for best-in-class technology, services, and investment opportunities.

Comprehensive Wealth Management Services

Goal Identification
During your initial meeting(s) with your wealth advisor, you’ll get to know each other at a deeper level. Your wealth advisor will help you identify what to improve, develop or change as it relates to your wealth plan. By reviewing your completed confidential client profile, your wealth advisor will be able to determine your risk tolerance and your long-term financial goals and objectives will be identified to set the foundation of your wealth plan.

Expected Returns and Plan Development
Your wealth advisor will conduct a portfolio stress test against over 50 potential risks to your portfolio and goals. Our model measures the impact of these scenarios on your investments using history as a guide, giving you a clearer picture of the risks to your portfolio. We start by asking questions like, "What happens if the dollar crashes, the economy falls back into recession, or oil prices skyrocket?" - over 50 scenarios in all. Your wealth advisor also reviews your current investments and reviews your current statements. Our goal is to ensure your financial goals and objectives are in line with your level of comfort in taking on risk so your wealth advisor can design a personalized financial roadmap plan that meets your needs.

Customized Strategy Design and Selection:
Education is the key to transparency and we want to help you understand our investment process and strategies because they directly impact your life and your ability to accomplish your goals. We apply 8 planning strategies to your portfolio, before we recommend any investment strategies:

  1.  Asset Allocation Strategy--proper optimization of non-correlated asset classes to minimize risk and maximize potential returns. This includes analysis of the proper balance between Passive Indexing portfolios, Active Management portfolios, Tactical Asset Allocation portfolios, and Alternative Investment portfolios.
  2. Money Manager Strategy--we implement a Fiduciary Scoring Methodology to screen our investment portfolios to include best-of-class money managers that consistently outperform in key criteria. Our proprietary screening process optimizes portfolios by scoring institutional no-load money managers by experience, above average performance, below average risk, below average fees, and overall ranking guidelines.
  3. Retirement Strategy--we document all your financial goals, quantify them, and optimize a strategy to help you accomplish them, identifying your FIROR (Family Index Rate of Return), which is the minimum rate of return index you must accomplish in order to keep your Confidence Ratio in accomplishing your goals ideally at 90% or higher. This Confidence Ratio is calculated daily and included in your private consolidated website for continual viewing.
  4. Long-Term Care Strategy--One of your greatest financial risks in retirement is health care and specifically long-term care. Our analysis determines whether you can afford to self-insure or whether you need to transfer any of these risks.
  5. Retirement Distribution Strategy--We calculate the optimum withdrawal percentage from your portfolio at different stages of retirement from the most tax-efficient sources, and continually review this in semi-annual reviews.
  6. Income Tax Strategy--We review your tax return and plan effectively on how to minimize income taxes through tax-efficient investing over the long-term.
  7. Estate Tax Strategy--We review your estate planning documents and design a plan to minimize estate taxes and insure accomplishment of your family and charitable objectives.
  8. Independent Advice Strategy--We analyze your situation and make recommendations on whether it is in your best interest to have an independent fiduciary wealth advisor as your primary advisor in comparison to your current advisor.

Once you have a thorough understanding of these 8 planning strategies, we’ll make recommendations on investment strategy allocations and implement your personalized plan so you can live your life by design, not by default.

Investment Opportunities

PRS is unique among Registered Investment Advisory firms nationwide by featuring an in-house Investment Research Committee that specializes in passive indexing strategies, active management strategies, tactical asset allocation strategies, and alternative investment strategies. Most RIA's tend to specialize in one or two of the four major investment strategies with an average of 4.3 staff available to adequately research investment options and service clients (according to Cerulli Associates study in 2011). PRS, on the other hand, has over 30 staff, including an in-house Investment Research Team, and specializes in all four of the following investment strategies:

  • Passive Indexing Strategies, which includes DFA research with four Nobel Prize winners on their research team and board, along with our PRS proprietary screening research; 
  • Active Management Strategies with research from Callan Associates, a leader in independent research advising on over $2 trillion in assets. Callan research is directly available for portfolios over $150 million; for under $150 million, Callan research is available only through members of Callan’s Independent Advisors Group, in which PRS is a member;
  • Tactical Asset Allocation Strategies, which uses cash and short-term bonds to reduce risk when markets are trending down; and 
  • Liquid Alternative Strategies utilizing true no-load, institutional non-correlated asset classes.


PRS is committed to providing our clients state-of-the-art technology, beginning with the client's private website that is customizable to meet their specific needs and desires. This personalized website:

  • consolidates all their investments with daily downloads regardless of where the assets are held, such as Schwab, Fidelity, etc.
  • tracks all of the client's financial goals with a Confidence Ratio graphic keeping the client informed of the level of Confidence the client should have in accomplishing all their financial goals;
  • provides a private secure vault that holds important client documents, including quarterly consolidated statements;
  • tracks performance of all investments against benchmarks, transactions, income, etc.

The PRS portfolio stress testing software updates over a million data points nightly, stress-testing client portfolios with 50+ stress tests to see what could potentially happen to client portfolios if certain events occur, such as significantly increasing gas prices, inflation, interest rates, global turmoil, or war, for example. This is just one of the many technologically advanced software tools PRS utilizes to provide the best advice possible to our Private Clients.

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