Pinkerton Wealth Management, LLC (a dba of Pinkerton Retirement Specialists, LLC), a Registered Investment Advisor, provides advice for clients on over $1.1 billion in assets. PWM provides Family Offices exclusive direct access to its sister company Sherman Portfolios, LLC (SPL), which advises on its model portfolios for financial firms’ client assets over $1 billion. SPL was founded in 1999, and is the global leader in providing 50+ Advance & Protect tactical asset allocation portfolios, strategies, and patent-pending research globally to registered investment advisors, broker/dealers, hedge funds, and financial advisors, who then charge additional advisory fees, management fees or performance fees to their clients. SPL is the research engine that powers hundreds of different investment firms’ portfolios. Through Pinkerton Wealth Management, family offices/institutions can exclusively access SPL’s 50+ portfolios directly, without paying these additional fees, thereby cutting costs as much as 86%. Simplify your life by joining the Pinkerton Wealth Management family, freeing you to pursue what is most important—such as True Wealth—those things money can’t buy and death can’t take away.

The Top 20 Sherman Portfolios are ranked on the PWM Portfolios webpage. The highest ranked Harmony 4 Portfolio has a common objective among SPL portfolios: they seek to consistently outperform their growth objective’s benchmark in 3-year and 5-year rolling periods, with less volatility and less maximum drawdown risk. As the charts and graphs reveal, these goals have been accomplished, fueled by SPL’s patent-pending research engine that powers its 50+ portfolios’ safety and performance features through all-weather investing conditions. Typically these safety and performance features are only found in hedge funds, at a cost that is 5-7 times* more expensive than investing directly with PWM, due to lower management fees and the elimination of performance fees. These strategies collectively provide all you’d expect from the global leader in Advance & ProtectTM portfolios. Experience the Pinkerton Difference—Peace of Mind, Confidence, and Sense of Security—by requesting your Custom Portfolio Design by completing the 5-minute questionnaire, if you are a family office/institution with a minimum of $5 million to invest. Within 72 business hours, you will be emailed your PWM Custom Portfolio Report, with detailed instructions on how you can invest.

*Hedge funds typically charge a 2% annual asset management fee plus 20% performance fee. Assuming a 15% annual gross return, this equates to 5% in total fees, a 7.4x increase in fees as compared to the average SPL Portfolio 0.68% fee on a $5 million investment. SPL’s fees are 86% lower in this example from 5% reduced to 0.68%. There are many hedge funds that employ hurdle rates. If the fund doesn’t meet the hurdle rate, there are no performance fees charged. Some hedge funds may charge less than 2% management fee or in some cases, no management fee.