401k Sponsors/Business Owners

Creating Successful Retirement

How do you put your employees on track for a successful retirement?  By creating The Hero’s Ideal 401(k) and transforming your current retirement plan into a Paycheck Manufacturing Plant.  The Hero’s Ideal 401(k) provides a win-win-win solution for your company, your management team, and your employees.

Our team can show you – the employer and sponsors of the 401(k) retirement plan – how to educate, activate and influence your employees to save enough money to achieve a successful retirement experience.

The Five Step Process

We are the Inland Northwest’s 401(k) experts.  Our clients see significant advantages in working with us using our five step process:

  1. Leading Employee Success: Every employee is trained on transforming their 401(k) into a “Paycheck for Life”, and receives an individualized annual report showing their current ability to retire successfully.
  2. Optimizing Plan Design: Significant enhancements can be made to the plan to improve the retirement outcome for owners and employees without increasing administration costs.
  3. Forging a Fiduciary Shield: We establish a proven compliance system and sign as co-fiduciaries with you in all our plans.
  4. Best-in-class investments: Our quarterly investment benchmarking, research, and open architecture create the opportunity for achieving best-in-class performance, volatility and cost.
  5. Controlling Fees and Expenses: We regularly benchmark the plan to satisfy your fiduciary obligation to ensure fees and expenses are reasonable.


    PRS has earned recognition in Fiduciary Excellence through CEFEX certification.  

Help your employees make confident financial decisions today and watch their gratitude and enthusiasm for their workplace and their personal performance grow.

Leaders in Institutional Retirement Services

PRS is the leading retirement advisory firm in the Inland Northwest managing over $650 million locally.  In 2015, we were ranked as the #1 Advisory group in the Inland Northwest by the Financial Times (March 25, 2015 “Top 400 Financial Advisors in the Nation”) and the #1 Financial Advisory group in Idaho by Barron’s Magazine (February 21, 2015 cover story).


One of our goals at Pinkerton Retirement is to make the administrative tasks of running your retirement plan the most efficient when it comes to plan conversion and ongoing maintenance. We realize how valuable your time is as a professional and want to streamline your current administrative processes to free up more of your time for more productive and profitable activities. This is why Pinkerton Retirement feels having a sound administrative consulting process in place is key to making your transition over to Pinkerton Retirement as smooth as possible.

Pinkerton Retirement will be charged with bundling a retirement plan package. Specialist parties include investment advisor and consultant (Pinkerton Retirement), mutual funds (various fund families), custodian (a variety of well-established providers), and record keepers/administrators (working with local and national resources). Pinkerton Retirement is structured to act as quarterback and gatekeeper and responsible for all interaction to provide a bundled solution.

Pinkerton Retirement will review your current plan documents and advise your management team of plan design issues and new legislation that may be beneficial to the operational and growth success of the plan.

Plan Management

Pinkerton Retirement is charged with coordinating an "unbundled" retirement plan package for you. Specialist parties include: investment advisor and consultant (Pinkerton Retirement), mutual funds (various fund families), custodian (a variety of well-established providers), and record keepers/administrators (working with local and national resources).

Plan Coordination Tools

It is Pinkerton Retirement’s ultimate responsibility to assure all specialist providers complete their responsibilities in an appropriate and timely manner. By delegating the plan management and investment process to Pinkerton Retirement, trustees assure strict adherence to the written investment policy statement.

401(k) Sponsor FAQs

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