Retirement Planning

At Pinkerton Retirement we take a proactive approach toward a successful retirement.

  • Independent Advice
  • Income Tax Strategy
  • Retirement Distribution
  • Estate Tax Strategy
  • Asset Allocation Long Term Care
  • Retirement Projection
  • Money Manager
  • Social Security

PRS has taught over 10,000 retirees the 8 keys to working towards confidence and security in their retirement years, through our copywritten Retirement Strategies and Asset Protection Workshops.

“I’ve rarely met a person who has all the pertinent information necessary to make the wisest financial decisions. Much of the time they have never had a thorough examination of their financial health. As a result they make uninformed financial decisions and reap the negative consequences – such as paying unnecessary income and estate taxes, and receiving inadequate investment returns to fulfill their retirement dreams. Information from a Trusted Advisor is the key.”

— Daniel W. Pinkerton

Retirement Projections / Cash Flow Modeling

Transitioning from a full-time career to a full-time retiree can bring about a lot of uncertainty. Individuals must ask themselves if they can maintain their current lifestyle, and if they can, will they hold out under extraordinary circumstances. We use a probability of success analysis to help individuals determine if they will be able to meet their retirement goals by changing several variables such as desired levels of spending and various rates of return on their investable assets. Retirement is a big decision. Let us help make the decision more predictable. If you are already retired, this analysis can help assess if you will outlive your resources due to factors such as inflation, and show you how to make them last.

The Hero’s Ideal 401(k) Audit / Asset Allocation

Most employer qualified retirement plans do not allow for much flexibility when it comes to investment options, leaving employees to make allocation decisions on their own. The Hero’s Ideal 401(k) Audit allows you to continue saving for retirement in a low-cost, well-diversified method by allowing us to review your retirement plan’s investment options and building a more efficient portfolio. Don’t let employer plans tie you up. Let us help make your retirement plan work for you.

Social Security Analysis

Deciding when to take social security is a popular question and our analysis helps to lay out the different Social Security claiming strategies that couples, singles, divorcees, widows and widowers can engage to maximize their overall retirement income. Not only is the amount of Social Security retirement income a factor in the decision, but also life expectancy, other sources of income, and other financial planning strategies. By looking at your unique situation, we provide a Social Security claiming strategy that is personalized for you.

Pension Analysis

Some pensions have straight forward benefit options. Others may offer several options, such as: backdated benefits, lump sum vs. annuity withdrawals, excess contribution benefits, not to mention the basic survivor benefits that require you to make irrevocable decisions. We can run “what-if” scenarios to help in the decision making process.