Our Approach

Our Approach to Wealth Management

At PRS, we understand that your “wealth” extends beyond financial issues and is also made up of human, intellectual, and social factors. Our Four-step Investment Process is comprehensive in nature and incorporates your financial plan, estate plan, life plan, vision, and investment strategy.

Wealth Planning:

Defining your vision and developing strategies to maximize your likelihood of success. This includes financial planning, estate planning, cash flow planning, philanthropic planning, retirement planning, educational planning, risk management (insurance), and tax planning. Because your plan will change as your life changes, we provide regular reviews to meet your needs.


Our Team will analyze your current financial situation and discover with you your goals for the future. Our exclusive Four-Step Advance & Protect Investment Process allows us to actively manage your assets. We’ll create an ideal portfolio based on an individual’s or family’s asset allocation; integrating the proper blend of passive indexing, actively managed, tactical allocation, and alternative investment strategies.

Estate Planning:

Our specialists will maximize the distribution of wealth to help meet your objectives. We also work to establish a comprehensive estate plan, which can include professional trust services.

Tax Planning:

Arranging your investment planning and financial planning strategies to minimize the present value of the future tax liability over your life, or in some cases, multiple generations. We review your tax returns and project how you can specifically reduce your tax burdens, as well as plan for significant tax events.

Risk Management:

Our Team of specialists will calculate your transferable risks that could be catastrophic to your portfolio, such as long-term care and life risks.

Professional Alliances:

Coordinating and managing your team of advisors so your strategies are implemented effectively, timely, simply, and efficiently. Your team of advisors often includes bankers, accountants, attorneys, insurance providers, investment advisors, trust officers, and other professional alliances.