Legacy Planning

A Conversation That's Worth Having

Most people generally dislike and avoid the topics of death and inheritance.  This is in part because of the potential for emotional and financial misunderstandings and conflict, which are very intimidating.  “Legacy Planning” is a more powerful & hopeful concept because it embraces and captures all facets of an individual’s life.  It includes an individual’s family traditions, history, life stories, values and wishes.

Legacy Planning is a multigenerational planning approach that focuses on smoother transitions of wealth, less family discord, and the effective transition of family values and leadership. 

Will your heirs need guidance and advice in managing the wealth they are set to inherit?  Our advisors act with a process-driven approach for navigating family dynamics and effectively building trust and confidence with the next generation.  As a client, you will also benefit from a process that empowers you to address many of the non-financial aspects of wealth transfer and helps you to start thinking about the creation of a broader family legacy.

A Multi-generational Reach

Legacy planning, by nature, involves participants from several generations.  It’s important that the preparation of the legal documents be left to a qualified estate-planning attorney, but as the trusted financial advisor we still play a very critical role by helping to facilitate important discussions between clients and heirs that develop mutual understanding, bringing people together and avoiding conflicts. 

PRS Differentiates

Trust takes a very long time to cultivate in the financial –planning and investment-management industry.  Trust has to be earned; it’s not just readily given.  It’s been said that, “People don’t care how much you know until they know how much you care.”   Pinkerton Retirement cares about family priorities and aspects of wealth that extend beyond the bank account and the retirement plan.