$ymbil Future Clients $500 to $500k

As our firm has grown and our minimums have increased, our Executive VP Kathryn Pinkerton has for years desired that we find a way to help client's children, friends and family who may be young, just starting out investing, or already investing but don't meet our minimums of $500k for comprehensive wealth management. Get Started with $ymbil 

Now, with $ymbil, for only $500 minimum investment, in less than 10 minutes, you can launch your journey towards accumulating $500,000 to eventually need our comprehensive wealth management services. 

$ymbil includes the following benefits:  

  • Takes less than 10 minutes to open an account.     
  • Low $500 minimum investment
  • Automatic Investment Plan as low as $50 per month     
  • Easy to use online and mobile investment portal
  • Online Review of account performance at a glance
  • Institutional, no-load asset allocation funds based on low-cost ETF's Actively managed funds by a 140+ year old investment bank Ladenburg Thalman Asset Management (LTAM)
  • Online Digital financial tools
  • Make updates and changes online
  • Low cost of less than 1% for total fees, including all administration costs, advisory fees, fund management fees, custodial fees, and transaction fees.
  • Asset Allocation portfolios include diversifying in alternative investments, as well as large cap, mid cap, small cap, international, bonds 
  • Review account performance online at a glance

$ymbil Investments

  • Five actively managed portfolios ranging from conservative to aggressive that LTAM will recommend based on your answers to the $ymbil questionnaire.
  • Allocations differ based on your risk profile
  • Account Types Available: Individual, Joint, IRA (Traaditional/Roth)
  • These portfolios are LTAM's ETF Mutual Fund Portfolios: www.Ladenburgfunds.com

*Pinkerton Retirement Specialists, LLC has chosen to partner with Ladenburg Thalman, an investment bank established in 1876, and is the sixth oldest member firm of the New York Stock Exchange.