Paul Gannett, RFA®

Paul Gannett, RFA®

Wealth Advisor

Paul Gannett, a retired F-35 and F-15E fighter pilot, is a Wealth Advisor and Registered Financial Associate® at Pinkerton Retirement Specialists, providing comprehensive financial planning services and investment advice to high-net-worth clientele.

Paul earned his Bachelor of Science in Economics from the United States Air Force Academy as a distinguished graduate with academic, athletic, and military honors. Paul was recruited by the Air Force Academy for swimming and was a member of the swim team his freshman year before moving on to pursue his flying dreams. As a sophomore, Paul earned his first wings as a cadet instructor pilot in glider aircraft. After graduation, Paul attended USAF pilot training and served over 11 years on active duty before joining Pinkerton Retirement Specialists. During his career, Paul flew both the F-15E and F-35 fighter jets. He achieved the rating of instructor pilot in both fighters with over 1500 fighter hours including over 400 in combat.

Paul enjoys spending time with his lovely wife Sadie and their two boys Micah and Ezra. He also treasures time outdoors mountain biking, hiking, skiing, swimming in the Lake, and playing sports.